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Original Work That Matches Your Personal Style

The abstract and modern collection made by me are available in a wide variety of styles and color compositions. I invite you to have a look at the collection in my web-shop, or consider the option of a commissioned piece made especially for you.

I am happy to help you further, with advice and personal guidance. Take a look at the collection in my web-shop, and contact me if you would like to discuss it.

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Brief Note to my Existing Followers

Dear Followers and Friends,
Thank you so much for following me for so many years. I have made so many changes that i know, even you might be wondering what i am doing. But, i promise the current look is the final one with some major changes apart from the look 🙂
One of these changes is how you subscribe to my website, earlier it was directly from WordPress to WordPress, but now it is shifted to MailChimp. So, please subscribe again to my new website with new subscribing method.
You will receive new updates on paintings and drawings, tutorials, tips and tricks on Photoshop, discounts and coupons & freebies.

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New Look

Welcome Readers and Dear Followers,
I invite you all to visit my website which has just got a new look. 🙂
I have been missing from blog for a long time. Had and still working on the site but it almost over now.
I hope you will enjoy the new look and do some shopping along with it.

Take care,

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I am an Artist

I have no idea, why it is so hard to accept the status of Artist. Drawing was my hobby since i can remember. My father had even once joined me in a drawing class in summer vacations when i was kid, which i think only lasted for 2-3 days. After that life happened. Studies, Job …. made it impossible to draw anything.

Professionally, i am a software engineer. But currently i am not working. After marriage and no work, i started to draw. Initially, it was one drawing per day but later it changed to 1 – 2 drawing per day, depending on the speed and size of the work. Now a days, it is again impossible to draw even 1 drawing after having a kid. But i still try.

After lots of encouragement from friends and family members, i thought of opening shops to sell my art online. But i still can’t say that i am an artist. I don’t know why… maybe because

  1. i fear what my relatives might think of me or my art (as professionally i am a software engineer)
  2. being a self-taught artist is not good enough
  3. nobody would understand or like my work

What do you think? Is my fear reasonable or pointless?

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The Start

I’m starting lots of new things this year. It’s a late start but it is a small step forward.

First start is “Facebook”. Facebook page for business use. I am not a big social media user; I’d rather work on drawing/painting. But now anyone anywhere can share artwork and find people who appreciate what they are doing. It sure makes making art more fun! I have people from all over the world giving me thumbs up and likes which I really appreciate. Because of which, i think having a Facebook page is necessary for both business point of view and to keep in touch with people.

Another new start is a website. Again for a professional front. As a novice, i am trying to keep everything simple and easy to use which I’m sure, will evolve as i learn and improve.

This blog will be a spot for me to write or share others work about art – which could include anything really relating to hand-drawn drawing or digital one. Or just on some random subject which i would like to share a view point on.
To anyone who has read this far, thanks a lot!